Your Workspace. Our Story.

Simplicity of wood.

Our brand philosophy is founded on three fundamental values: quality, durability, and environmental awareness. We embrace responsible practices by sourcing natural, precious materials from sustainable sources to create products that not only elevate your workspace. Whale Apparel brings you customized solutions that align with your vision for an inspiring and eco-friendly office environment, where innovation meets craftsmanship.

Rehman, Moazam, and Zunair, friends since university, turned their shared passion for apparel into a thriving business. Their journey unfolded with unwavering dedication, discipline, and relentless hard work. Long nights were spent studying apparel intricacies, and their dream of establishing an apparel factory fueled their every endeavor. The trio, united by a commitment to quality and uniqueness, overcame challenges through resilience and collaboration. With disciplined efforts, they transformed their vision into reality, creating Whale Apparel.

Today, their success stands as a testament to the enduring power of friendship, hard work, and a shared dream that blossomed into a flourishing apparel factory

The place.

 Whale Apparel is a global brand that ships its products all over the world, our company is still located in Sialkot, Pakistan, a city known for its rich history in the sportswear industry. Our manufacturing unit, located in the heart of Sialkot, allows us to prioritize sustainability while actively contributing to the local economy and community.

Whale Apparel takes pride in being a custom apparel manufacturer. Our dedicated team ensures that each garment is meticulously crafted to meet our clients’ specific specifications and preferences. With a focus on customization, we work closely with our customers to bring their visions to life, providing a wide range of design, material, and detailing options. Whale Apparel is committed to providing tailor-made solutions that reflect the individuality and style of each client, from conception to production. Your vision meets our craftsmanship every time.